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Purple Rib Cage Skeleton Fur Cardigan

Purple Rib Cage Skeleton Fur Cardigan


Check out our "Purple Rib Cage Skeleton Fur Cardigan", part of Too Fast's creepy collab with Vampire Freaks!! You'll be ready to dominate the streets in this wicked & comfy piece. Crafted from soft purple teddy knit, it's the ultimate blend of cozy and creepy, perfect for chill nights out or lounging in your lair.
We're all about luxe comfort here, gang. This sweater comes loaded with a lush 6 inches of purple faux fur trim around the hood—it's like snuggling with a mythical beast. The hoodie strings are finished with vibrant purple fur pom-poms because we say 'to hell with mundane'!
Now, let's get to the bone-chilling details: a black zip front cardigan sweater with vibrant purple skeleton bones knit in, you're not just wearing your bones, you're making them beg for mercy. Our "Purple Rib Cage Skeleton Fur Cardigan" is here to thrill and chill. It's being snatched up quicker than a bat out of hell, so scoop up yours before it vanishes into the night!
Our Zip Up Cardigan is made of Soft, Teddy Style fabric, and has a Black Fur Trim Hood with the cutest pom-poms.


★ Hooded Zip Up Cardigan Sweater
★ Teddy Popcorn Style Knit Cardigan
★ Black Fur Trim on Hood and Pom-Poms
★ Machine Wash Cold Dry Low
★ 100% Acrylic

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