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Cute But Psycho Corset Lace-Up Tee

Cute But Psycho Corset Lace-Up Tee


Indulge in a touch of playful rebellion with our Cute But Psycho Corset Tube Top a sassy and spirited addition to your wardrobe This edgy garment seamlessly merges bold style with a hint of mischief making it a standout choice for those who embrace their quirky side Keep it cryptic in our Gothic Corset Back Tees Because dead girls dont need to breathe anyway Our Corset Tees fit like a regular corset they have no sleeves and they lace straight up the back you can make them as tight or as loose as you like


★ Classic Tube Top Fit
★ Lace-Up Corset Style Back
★ Adjustable Lacing For. a Perfect Fit
★ Machine Wash Cold Dry Low
★ 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

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