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Bony Rib Cage Skeleton Fur Zip Cardigan

Bony Rib Cage Skeleton Fur Zip Cardigan


On the inside, we are all the same. The problem is on the outside, the squares take up too much space.  If you wanna scare them off, like we do, than go for the cute but creepy look. And this cardi screams it!

Our "Bony Rib Cage Skeleton Fur Zip Cardigan" is like wrapping yourself in a cozy coffin, but way comfier. Made from this awesome "teddy" fur knit, it's soft and warm without being all bulky. Plus, the hood's got a solid 6 inches of black faux fur, perfect for hiding from the sun. It zips up the front with a solid metal zipper, because plastic just ain't gonna cut it when you're battling the undead. And those big furry pom-poms, they're perfect for all of Satan's cheerleaders, they are kinda like little fluffy death charms.

Our Bony Rib Cage Cardigan's been restocked more times than we can count. Must be 'cause it's a hit with the graveyard shift crowd. And we've made it even better with a new and improved teddy-style fabric. So whether you're creeping through the cemetery or just chilling on your couch, this cardigan's got your back.


★ Hooded Zip Up Cardigan Sweater
★ Teddy Popcorn Style Knit Cardigan
★ Black Fur Trim on Hood and Pom-Poms
★ Machine Wash Cold Dry Low
★ 100% Acrylic

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